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Easy to assemble and requires no special tools or glue. Use the special notches in the parts (locks) to snap them onto the circle of the chandelier. 

📐Wooden Pendant Light sizes:
The pendant light has 2 sizes small (S) and large (L).

📐The S size has 118 slats in a circle:
-total length of the ceiling light is 50 cm
-height 17 cm

📐The L size has 157 slats in a circle:
-total length of ceiling light 74 cm
-height 17 cm

Each individual one slat on the chandelier has dimensions:
-Width 4 cm
-length 17 cm

The pendant light is compatible with any E26 or E27 light bulb, whether it is LED, CFL, halogen, or incandescent. Please note that the bulb is not included in the box.
We send our wooden ceiling chandelier unassembled, the set consists of 2 round holders, 50 slats, lamp holder, 1m cord.
The artvoom store is dedicated to its style and the high quality of the products we sell. The main style of the store is vertical wooden slats made in a minimalist, modern style, which can be seen in all kinds of home decor in the store.
Our ceiling chandelier is handmade from playwood using environmentally friendly water-based paints.

Want to add a unique piece of interior design to your home? Then our wooden pendant lamp is just what you need! It is made of natural slats in a modern minimalist style, which gives it a special grace and uniqueness.
This lamp not only perfectly illuminates the space, but also becomes a real work of art. It is easy to assemble and can be used in any room of your house. Thanks to its functionality, it will create a cozy atmosphere and add personality to your room.
In addition, it is very eco-friendly, which makes it even more attractive to customers.
Do not miss the opportunity to please yourself and your loved ones with this unique piece of interior!

📍Assembly of the pendant light is tool-less and can be done in just 10-20 minutes. However, if you choose to add the lamp kit, it will require ceiling installation. It is recommended that professional installation is sought for this purpose. Instructions are provided in the manual for your convenience.
📍Our ceiling chandelier is easy to assemble and requires no special tools or glue. Use the special notches in the parts (locks) to snap them onto the circle of the chandelier. Voila and the suspended ceiling is ready, which creates streams of shadow and light on the ceiling and walls.
📍Just choose your favorite design and start updating your interior today!
The photos on the website can help you with ideas for your room.

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