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Artvoom decorative Bamboo , planks and strips, are made of 100% natural oak veneers with eco-friendly water-based paints ♻️. 

Wooden bamboo can be installed indoors in any interior, minimalist design or Japanese design or any other style. It is also possible to install our decor in the living room, bedroom, children's room, playroom, dressing room or gaming room. You can consider installing in the kitchen or on the island or along the entire wall to create an impromptu decorative wooden fence in the hallway.


📐The size of one bamboo slat:

  • Hight 19.4" (495 millimeters)
  • Width 1.18"  (30 millimeters)
  • Thickness 0.17"  (4 millimeters)

Set of slat in one box consists of 24 slats.
Each box will go with double-sided tape.

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11 products