Artvoom is a custom wood products company based in Ukraine.

We are the Kantyshev family - creators of Artvoom™. Since 2019 year we started the process of making Artvoom™ product. Please, let's get acquainted, my name is Denys and my wife Tatyana.

We are an active family that creates the product that you  need. We want to share the happiness that will be pleasing to the eye. We make various wooden products with inspirational designs on the wall.

We enjoy the whole process - from the idea to the ready made product we offer. 

Artvoom™ are made of 100% Plywood, that is reclaimed for use as our beautiful and unique wall covering. 

We use eco-friendly manufacturing processes to reduce our carbon footprint. No harmful chemicals or unnatural treating processes are ever utilized in the restoration or preparation of our wall planks, slat and wall tile. 

Using our products, you enrich your worldview in the production of decoration. Every natural blemish, weathered effect, and other markings adds to the beauty and character of each unique Artvoom™ products.