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🆕Interiors with geometric elements are back on trend. They are experiencing another peak in their popularity. Spectacular honeycombs once again occupy the place of honor in the design of rooms. They fill the space with simplicity, elegance and at the same time give it dynamics and rhythm. Decor can be a great way out when you can't make a full renovation. They will make the room creative and original.
☝In ancient times, it was noticed that geometric shapes influence the emotional sphere of a person. The hexagon indicates leadership qualities, pragmatism, purposefulness

Our decorative wooden wall panels are crafted from 100% natural oak veneer using eco-friendly, water-based paints. We rely on eco-friendly manufacturing processes to reduce our carbon footprint. Each panel is sanded and painted by hand, so each one is unique.

The advantages of Wooden long hexagons:

🔰-Safe and natural (wall panelling);
🔰-Smooth and silky wooden structure of the panels;
🔰-Lengthen the space visually, visually raise the ceiling;
🔰-Panels can correct uneven and crooked surfaces;
🔰-Decor can be a great way out when you can't make a full renovation;
🔰-Combinability with different decor styles;
🔰-Easy to install. The process of decorating with panels allows you to cope even without special skills and complex tools (wood wall cladding);
🔰-The accent wall can serve not only a decorative, but also a practical function - to serve as a divider (room divide) between rooms;
🔰Originality and individuality;
🔰Good compatibility with natural colors and natural materials.


📐The size of one long hexagon!

Width: 6.37 inches (162 millimetres)
Height: 11.2 inches (285 millimetres)
Depth: 0.17 inches (80 millimetres)

One box consists of 15 long hexagons.

15 long hexagons cover with spacer gaps 10 mm ( 0.39 in ) = 0.65 sq.m. / 1007 sq in / 6.99 sq ft
15 long hexagons cover with spacer gaps 25 mm ( 0.98 in ) = 0.88 sq.m. / 1364 sq in / 9.4 sq ft

Included with each set will go double-sided tape.



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6 products