DIY How to make wooden slats and planks on the wall and ceiling from ARTVOOM.

DIY How to make wooden slats and planks on the wall and ceiling from ARTVOOM.

Have we met yet?

My name is Denys and I am the founder of ARTVOOM.

I will tell you my design preferences.

I love painted walls, but I don't want white or dark walls. That's when I settled on a wall with stained wooden slats !

All we can find on the internet or in the local store are all expensive rails.

And we have created a product that easily attaches to any clean surface and makes your room a real designer one.


Therefore, I decided that plywood was a cost effective alternative.

What did we do next?

We leveled the walls, this is a prerequisite for gluing the ARTVOOM product, after that, we prepared the wall for painting. 

We used foamed scotch tape for the wooden planks, you can buy it for free, follow the news


And in a couple of hours we were able to glue our slats.


How to calculate the number of slats?

It all depends on the width of the wooden plank that we have chosen. We need to understand what our wall area is. We measured the height and width of the wall and we used a 30mm wooden plank. We chose a plank and there were two options to place it every 10 millimeters or 30 millimeters.

If we choose a distance of 30 millimeters, we calculate the total area and divide by two.
In a set or one box of 30mm 0.35 square meters, if the wall is 4 meters square, then we need 2 meters of square planks, it is better to take with a margin, because there may be waste, so we multiply 0.35 by 6 and get 2.1 square mattresses in the set.

We did not find anything cheaper than these wooden slats.

Please contact ARTVOOM and we will help you make your dream interior.