Wooden slats on the wall

What difficulties did our customer face before found Artvoom products?

The story from our customer Vickey O.

Our customer decided to share with us a story about how he came across our site.

She wanted to make a modern repair, looked for options on the Internet, found nothing and decided to go to the store, buy wooden strips and install them on the wall. When Vickey came to the store, she realized that she needed to buy paint, wooden strips, all kinds of materials. All this was very difficult because she lived alone, she had to order the delivery of all these materials to the house. After spending a lot of time going to the store, she started thinking about how to prepare the wall for installation.

Having evenly leveled the walls, all the materials were delivered to her the next day. Vickey started looking at these laths and realized that they needed to be sanded. Having grinded them in the factory, she had to paint them. She painted them for about 6 hours and then waited for another day until they were completely dry. To install them, she needed construction tools, which she had to take from her uncle. The girl who lived alone did not have that much equipment. When she started drilling, she realized that she could not do such repairs alone. After that, she text her friend to give her advice on how to make it stylish and beautiful in a short time.


When she came to her house, they started looking for all sorts of options. Girls decided to go to the Pinterest website because there are a lot of design options, we came across a 3d panel that we both liked. Then that went to the site where this panel was presented, the site was called Artvoom. After reading the description on the site, a friend decided to order wooden slats. Since the room was light, she decided to order rails from Narrow Wenge Wooden Wall Slats (Black). After 3 days, Vicky received a parcel. Together with the laths there was an instruction, after reading it we started to work. The wall was already ready for gluing. The package included a double-sided adhesive tape with which the laths were glued. They glued them along the sides and started gluing. Some of them were cut to size, using only a stationery knife. Decided to install them from the slats to the 1:1 slat. And after 3 hours we installed the whole wall.

Having spent a short time, she received an excellent result. Fast delivery, easy installation, isn't it ideal?

Narrow Wenge Wooden Wall Slats (Black)